So you think you can plan: Realize that you need help

Who’s going to help you run your wedding day?

Unfortunately it’s a question that many brides don’t give much thought until its too late. I often ask this question to brides that I meet at bridal shows. They either wrongly assume that their momma/auntie/sister/cousin is going to help them or they proudly proclaim that they will do it all themselves. However, many mistakes that I see made don’t just occur on the wedding day. They happened when you purchased the wrong sparklers for your sparkler exit. Or when you decided to have your friends and family RSVP to your wedding via Facebook. Those mistakes that are made during planning will show up in glorious fashion on your wedding day. The truth is, you don’t what you don’t know and you don’t want to find out what you didn’t know on wedding day.

If planning is or has been stressful, that stress isn’t going away anytime soon. Depending on family and friends to help coordinate is just not a good idea. What you are basically doing is transferring the stress you have felt during planning to them. I don’t know about you, but that’s not exactly how I want to thank my friends and family for being a part of my big day. Truthfully, they don’t want to help coordinate your wedding. A full day of wedding coordinating for me usually means a 12-14 hour day in comfortable shoes and clothes with an assistant or two. My emotions are in check and I have one job and one job only: To make sure that you get to see all of your months of planning pay off in the most beautiful day that you could have ever imagined.

If you have friends and family that have been helping you plan, do them a favor by letting them see all of their efforts and hard work come to fruition.

Not only can a great coordinator execute a well organized wedding day, they are an endless resource for selecting vendors. They have worked with the best and the worst in the business and can help you put together a rock-star vendor team. No guess work on your part. I will talk more about vendor selection in my next post.

If you are thinking that you are going to try to pull it all together yourself…don’t. If you want to begin your happily ever after, well, happy, don’t attempt to be your own wedding coordinator. You will not be able to relax and enjoy yourself.

You need an experienced professional to walk you through the planning process and take over to make sure that you have a flawless wedding day that your friends and family can enjoy with you.

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